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Waiara Village Guest House

Maumere - Flores Island - Indonesia

Volcano Kelimutu in Indonesia
Snorkeling in Maumere an in Komodo Nationalpark
Hiking and Trekking on Flores in Indonesia

Things to do and see in Maumere

Sonnenuntergang Maumere auf Flores

Beach, sunsets and snorkeling in Maumere Bay

The Waiara Village Guesthouse is ideal for all travelers who are not only looking for adventure, but also want to relax on vacation. There is an opportunity for strolls, and it is also great to enjoy the beach, sunsets and snorkeling.

But there are also a variety of excursion possibilities in Maumere and on Flores. The team at the Waiara Village Guesthouses, experienced in international tourism, guarantees fantastic excursions and tours.

Snorkeling in Maumere Bay

On our beach in Waiara and the house reef in front of it, you can snorkel between colorful clown fish. If you want to discover more, the bay of Maumere around the offshore islands Pulau Besar, Pulau Babi, Pangabatang and Pomana offers unique diving opportunities.

A boat trip to the offshore islands with white sandy beaches and beautiful corals is a dreamlike experience. It is not uncommon to meet Dolphin schools close to the boat.

Island Hopping in Maumere on Flores Island in Indonesia
Vulkan Kelimutu mit 3farbigen die Farben ständig wechselnden Kraterseen

Kelimutu volcano

A "must to see" is the Kelimutu with three-colored crater lakes that often - at irregular intervals- change colors due to minerals. The Kelimutu volcano is a spectacular natural spectacle. Many myths and legends surround the natural spectacle. The riddle of the Kelimutu has not yet been fully researched scientifically. Kelimutu can be visited on a day trip from Maumere.

Koka Beach, the hidden beach paradise on Flores

Take a beach day and picnic on Koka Beach. A dream beach surrounded by rocks in a very idyllic location. Koka Beach is about 1 hour drive from Waiara Village Guesthouse.

Koka Beach - Maumere - Flores - Indonesia
Ikat Weben in Maumere Flores Indonesia

Ikat, a unique handicraft

The area around Maumere is known for the production of traditional ikat fabrics. An elaborate Indonesian weaving technique, a unique handicraft and firmly anchored in the traditions on Flores. Ikats are still worn as clothing and have a high cultural significance at family celebrations and ceremonies.

The lady on the photo is one of many of our neighbors, who weave ikats. Take a stroll through our village!

Colorful markets

There is a variety of traditional markets in and around Maumere. The big market (Pasar Alok) in Maumere, weekly market in Nita, fish market in Wuring and many others. The weekly market in Geliting can be reached on Friday in a nice morning walk on the beach.

Colorful and exciting markets in Maumere on the island of Flores
Trekking Egon Volcano in Maumere on Flores Island in Indonesia

Trekking Volcano Egon

An interesting destination for those interested in trekking is the Egon volcano, 15 km east of the Waiara Village Guesthouse. Gunung Egon is a 1671 meter high active volcano with a 350 meter wide and 200 meter deep crater.

The hike to the summit is a half-day excursion. Especially the last section to the crater rim is demanding and goes over hill and dale, as there is no well-trodden path. From the summit you have a breathtaking view of the volcano and Maumere Bay when the weather is clear. It's like sulfur and smoke rises from the crater floor. Depending on the season, there is a lake in the crater.

A delightful but also demanding hike because of the imponderabilities of the path.

Sights & several days Tours on Flores

Further destinations for one-day trips are Larantuka in the east of Flores and Sikka on the south-east coast.

You can start your in Waiara Village Guesthouse your multi-day tour to Labuan Bajo and the Komodo National Park or to the islands of Adonara and Lembata east of Flores. We're on Flores & Komodo specialized tour operator and happy to organize suitable private tours for you.

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